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Video about Yu Te Motor

Video about Yu Te Motor

Guangzhou Yute electromechanical Co., Ltd.


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Yute Motor
---Be the Chinese optimal project mechanical motor supplier!

Yute, to make whole world in view! Yute electromechanical, to make integration of the world's top science and technology, create an international standard, and global customers to share landmark progress by cutting-edge technology!

Guangzhou Yute electromechanical Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, it is a high-tech enterprise of an integration of R&D, production, sales of mechanical and electrical products, the company's sales headquarters was set up in Guangzhou- the holding place of China Import and Export Commodities Fair, the core city of the Pearl River Delta, with convenient transportation and developed logistics, creating the geographical location of the advantage for national market and foreign trade sales. Electrical parts for vehicle is the main advantage of the company, we focus on the R&D and manufacturing of heavy-duty car, oilfield machinery, construction machinery, starter and generator of diesel generating set, providing our customers with high quality and durable products.

100% new starter/alternators specialization, concentration, just for excellent.