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HHD factroy new arrivals 24 egg incubator YZ-24A

HHD factroy new arrivals 24 egg incubator YZ-24A

Nanchang Howard Electric Appliances Manufactory


Uploaded on 2 years ago

Manufactuer information:
my skype:howardvicky888
Feature of mini incubator:
1. Unique design with Long Lifespan,important spare parts are in the side of incubator
2.Low energy, only 60W, power saving,voltage 110V/220V;
3.ensure the hatching rate are more than 98%
4.Automatic temperature control, temperature sensor fixed well; in each side of machine,Uniform Temperature inside.
6. Small size easy portability;
7 Easy Operate, Transparent Top
8 Easy to disassemble and clean after hatching;
Water hole design to avoid too much water damage the machine,Add water directly outside,special water pipe besides the trapezoidal shape water tank.
9. Environmental protection material, to meet the customers for high quality requirement;
10.Easy operation, suit for anyone even no hatching experience;
11.Suitable for personal hobby for hatching small pets, also can use for school and laboratory.