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Jinbo CNC high speed wire spirallizer

Jinbo CNC high speed wire spirallizer

Jinbo Machinery


Uploaded on 2 years ago

1. This machine is our self-developed product that meets the construction machinery matched rubber hose and fulfills the high standard "pulsating pressure, bursting pressure" requirements.
2. The international standard machine presents device that allow each steel wire to enwind equally on the rubber hose, and changes the sliding friction into the machine body rolling friction, therefore leading to no fracture of wire during the operations.
3. Microcomputer & servo motor control, not only allows the machine to auto execute, but also to precisely control the key parameters in micrometer scale-including rolling diameter, screw pitch, distance of route, etc.
4. This machine is a patent protected product with adjustable bobbin sets. This machine comes with a CNC Tensile Strength Tester and provides all of steel wires with the equal tension.
5. Machine-working housing is made of machinery aluminum alloy, combined with an in-house thermostat air conditioner. This machine housing protects the high-end rubber hose from various outside temperature.
6. The machine is fully controlled by automatic computer program. Only 1-2 operators per machine are needed, which has 2X more efficiencies than the traditional wire Spiraling machines, therefore largely reducing the total production cost.