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Wire bobbin winder

Wire bobbin winder

Jinbo Machinery


Uploaded on 2 years ago

This Machine has integrated several well-recognized international brands' advantages, and combined with our years of experiences.
High Stabilization
Our machine adopts Servo Motor Variable-Frequency Drive and the Enclosed Working Enclosure, which efficiently reduces noise and ensures safety operation. 
High Accuracy
Wire tensile strength control and the Sustained Release System are specially designed with high accuracy. By using this machine, the overhang bias maintains the best condition with average of 50mm, and this has outperformed the National Standard. This has essentially ensured the excellent quality of High-pressure rubber hose. 
The Servo Motor Drive along with the Precise sliding table together precisely control machine, providing a higher precision and even surface while rolling the wires.
High operating speed
The Machine Operating System uses bearing fittings that are all international bought high-speed bearings to ensure the high rolling speed of each machine. (with 6-10 meters per second)
High Automation
The use PLC; LCD monitor and HMI. Automatically detect fault and alarm and auto-lubrication system, which is more operator friendly.
Electronic tensile strength control system can be timely adjusted, and no other continual adjustments are needed.
High Quality
This machine solves the problems of traditional stranding machines-the wire nozzle damage the copper of steel wires' surface. After stranding, the steel wire maintains a perfect condition that is to the benefit of the vulcanization of rubber layer, and further improving the adhesive force in between the steel wire and rubber layer.