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cnc high speed rubber hose wire braider

cnc high speed rubber hose wire braider

Jinbo Machinery


Uploaded on 2 years ago

HHMH- Jinbo as a pioneer in producing the full-automatic Wire braiding machine. condition, etc. With 7 years of developing process and our producing experience, Jinbo has already developed very mature producing techniques and has consistent and high performance manufacturing techniques. With the 2*2 braiding style, this high- speed full- automatic Wire braiding machine can precisely and automatically operate in a high efficient level and produce high quality rubber hose. The unique feature of our type 3 braider fulfills the requirements of high braiding speed, high quality level, large Carriers capacity, small tension fluctuations, accurate braiding angle, and steadily working condition, etc. The major Wire braiding machine were developed from 20 carriers, to 24 carriers in the past, and we can produce 36 carriers full- automatic Wire braiding machine now. (Our CNC high speed conventional braiding machine can produce 128 Carriers machine maximum) Our major Wire braiding machine parts have been examined by many Chinese domestic high-pressure rubber hose experts, and have been widely recognized by users and well received.