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Colorful cute cat home decor

Colorful cute cat home decor

Foshan Goodluck Decoration Material Co., Ltd


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2.Why Choose GoodLuck Hand Painted Home Decor
1). High density italy COLOROBBIA glazed and under glaze technology made color firm forever.
1). A unique addition to any room. They are one of a kind, each piece is 100% hand crafted (Three- dimensional relief) & hand painted. So no two will loook exactly the same!
2). 5 kiln production line with hundred meter improted from Italy. 1350 degree high temperature firing to make bright colors never fade.
3). With more than 50 people's R&D group under the leadership of America MAXCERA Corp.
4)Authenticity Certification as below: ISO 9001; Manufactory Certification For Ceramic Tableware Exported to the USA; FDA; Design Patent.

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