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LV 4x240mm2 ,XLPE cable for power station

LV 4x240mm2 ,XLPE cable for power station

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Cable Application

Cu/XLPE/PVC/STA/PVC power cable may be used for fixed installation indoors and outdoors in cable ducts or directly in the ground. Thesteel wire armoured cable is the accepted standard for underground installations, designed for use in mains supply electricity. These cables are provided with mechanical protection and are therefore suitable for external use, direct burial and areas where sudden mechanical stress are expected. SWA Cable is one of our most popular cables from small projects in the garden for landscapers to large infrastructure projects. Click to view some our occasionally blogged SWA cable projects.

Technical Information

Conductor Material: Copper, IEC60228
Conductor Shape: 1.Smm2 up to 16mm2 Circular
25mm2 up to 400mm2 Sector-shaped
Conductor Flexibility: Stranded class 2
Insulation: XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene), IEC60502
Armour Type: steel wires
Outer Sheath: PVC, IEC60502
Inner Sheath: PVC, IEC60502
Sheath Colour: Black
Lead Free: Yes
Rated Voltage Uo/U (Um): 600/1000V, BS5467
Installation Temperature: Minimum: 0°c Maximum: 60°C
Installation Type: Outdoor Direct burial
Operating Temperature: Maximum: 90°C
Short-circuit Maximum Conductor Temperature: 250°C
Flame Retardant: IEC 60332-1
Bending Radius: 1.5mm2 up to 16mm2 = 6 x 0 25mm2 up to 400mm2 = 8 x 0