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High quality braided waxed thread for shoes

High quality  braided waxed thread for shoes

Guangzhou Kangfa Textile Co.,LTD


Uploaded on 3 years ago

Advantage of this product:
1.Good colorfastness.It can resist any chemical Substances,and it has a good color fastness to deter the worry about color fade after washing the polyester fabric frequently.
2.High temperature resistant.Professional technology of waxing,it suitable for sewing shoes and other products,whenever very hot temperature,the wax will not melt.
3.Waterproof.This waxed thread has a good performance of waterproof and moistureproof.

Specification details:
150D/1*16 Diameter-0.55MM
210D/1*16 Diameter-0.7MM
250D/1*16 Diameter-0.8MM
300D/1*16 Diameter-0.95MM
420D/1*16 Diameter-1.15MM
630D/1*16 Diameter-1.4MM
840D/1*16 Diameter-1.6MM