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Rigid Stranding Machine with Row Loading Unit

Rigid Stranding Machine with Row Loading Unit

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The Rigid Stranding Machine
Rigid Stranding Machine

The rigid stranding machine is used for stranding Copper, Aluminum and Aluminium alloy wires and conductors with long length and large cross section.
Stranding compressed, compacted round or sector shaped ( straight or pre-spiraling ) as per customer requirements.
We also customise this cage type stranding machine in accordance with customers' requirements.
Rigid frame stranding is designed with 1+6+12+18+24+30+36 Bobbin Cage.
Bobbin: 500mm, 630mm, 710mm DIN 46397 Standard / Modified.
Heavy duty frame type rigid cage stranding machine, Cages supported on self aligning roller bearing on both ends. Totally enclosed gear, centralized lubricating system for bearing, drive to cages.
High efficiency and speed. Cage max speed 253 RPM. Max line speed 62.3 m / min.
Motorised / manual bobbin pintles with safety interlock. Wire-break detection installed for each bobbin.
Bobbin group loading using hydraulic floor type. Side trolley loaders is also optional.
Slanted design double wheel capstan suitable for heavy compacting loads. 1500mm-2500mm diameter. Traction force 10000kg.
Disk type Pneumatic brake for Cage.
PLC Equipped, optional.