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China supplier polymide high temp adhesive tape

China supplier polymide high temp adhesive tape

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What's the Polyimide Tape ?
Polyimide tape is made of two different layers that give the tape its distinct properties. Heat Adhesive Tape

The top layer is polyimide film that Has good mechanical, physical, chemical and electrical properties.The bottom layer is silicone adhesive with high temperature resistant.

What's the Main Features of Polymide masking tape ?
1. Heat Resistant Silicone Adhesive Polyimide Tape
2. High temperature, solvent resistant, stable and reliable
3. Easy peel off no glue residue
4. H-class insulation
5. Suitable for pcb 3d printing and transformer insulation
6. Strong tensile strength
7. Offer sheet or roll material or diecut processing.

Best Selling Products Polymide masking tape for PCB board Widely used as follow :
(1) Heat press.
(2) Solar Panels.
(3) Fiber optics cables.
(4) Fiber Optics Cables.
(5) High temperature masking.
(6) All kinds of insulation Die-cuts, Discs.
(7) Galvanization and welding protection.
(8) Electrical insulation for transformer,motor,coils.
(9) Protection of PCB in wave soldering and reflow soldering.
(10) Used for fixing the lithium batter"s positive pole and negative pole in high grade electric appliance.

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