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Strong Sticky Adhesive Double Sided PE Foam Tape

Strong Sticky Adhesive Double Sided PE Foam Tape

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Double Sided Adhesive PE Foam Tape Widely used as follow :
1, Furniture or car mirror mounting
2, Mounting functional trims & profiles
3, Mounting of decorative panels
4, Nameplate mounting
5, Point-of-purchase displays and signs
6, Avoid galvanic corrosion by separating metals etc

Features of Double sided Adhesive PE Foam Tape
1, Versatile adhesive for high immediate adhesion on numerous substrates
2, Fully outdoor suitable: UV, water and ageing resistant
3, Compensates for differing thermal expansion of dissimilar materials
4, Very good cold shock absorption
5, High ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces
6, Conformable tape bonds to irregular surfaces
7, Unique acrylic adhesive system provides quick stick
8, Adheres well to most low surface energy (LSE) materials

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