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Bending Glass Tempering Furnace

Bending Glass Tempering Furnace

Luoyang Lever Industry Co., Ltd


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1. Machine Application
Continuous Bending Glass Tempering Machine is a special plant used to produce the bent tempered glass, which mainly used in the fields of side windows (sidelites) of automotives, trucks, shower room, furniture, etc. The side door of the automotive should be single curvature. Our customer produced the side doors for BMW, Audi, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Peugeot, etc.

2. Main Technical Features:
2.1. The bending forming is with servo motors & servo controllers which from Yaskawa, Japan.
2.2. Higher precision and speed arc-changing.
2.3. Most advanced bending forming technology in China. Easy & accurate arc-adjustment. The glass type change could be finished within few minutes.
2.4. Helix matrix structure for heating oven, which can control the temperature of each area independently.
2.5. Full closed heating oven and high quality Insulating materials with top performance which can ensure a minimum power consumption and uniform oven temperature.
2.6. Fault diagnosis system for the heating elements.
2.7. PID temperature control,
2.8. Preventive function for the wrong operation
2.9. Synchronous and asynchronous running of each section
2.10. Power monitoring function
2.11. Suitable for processing clear float glass, patterned glass, reflective glass, low-e glass, etc.
2.12. Standard for processed products: GB15763.5, GB9656, EN12150-1:2000, ECER-43, ANSIZ97.1, etc.