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Steel Door Embossing Machine Hydraulic Door Press

Steel Door Embossing Machine Hydraulic Door Press

Anhui LIFU Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd


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Product Description
Hydraulic sheet metal forming press is an exclusive machine for pattern making and shape forming of security doors, steel doors, inside doors, stainless steel doors, iron gates, etc.

Welcomed by security door manufacturers, steel wholesale markets, etc.

This machine is characterized as high efficient, convenient and safe operating, energy saving, appearance attracting, and low cost.

Lots of our experienced engineers improved designs to make the machine perfect in simply structure and well perform.

Easy to operate, easy to learn, a few minutes for a person to learn how to operate.

Main Feature
1. With PLC control
2. 3 operating ways for choice
3. Integral forged 45# steel, quenching and tempering
4. High efficient, convenient and safe operation
5. Best forming effect, clear 3-dimensional pictorial
6. High quality steel plate welded with accuracy and stability
7. Independent electrical and hydraulic power mechanism
8. Simply structured and well performed for energy saving
9. Available working pressure, speed, and stroke settings