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QC12Y-8*3200 Hydraulic shearing machine with NC

QC12Y-8*3200 Hydraulic shearing machine with NC

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

1. Steel welded structure, stress elimination by vibration, high mechanical strength, and exceptional rigidity 
2. The hydraulic drive type structure, the cutter saddle circles a fixed axis for circle moving.
3. Decrease the force of fulcrum through leverage to prolong working life
4. Nitrogen cylinder return, simplifying the hydraulic system to make running more stable.
5. with fast and flexible gap adjusting mechanism for high shearing accuracy
6. Equipped with Lighting Alignment Device for easy shearing
7. Back Gauge size and shearing times controlled by CNC system, back gauge with high precision ball screw, stable operation and precise positioning.
8. The CNC system adopts frequency conversion control technology, with multi-step programming function, simple and easy to operate.
9. Safety barrier device all around the machinery, electrical cabinets equipped with Open door cut-off function, emergency stop button around front and back, protective cover foot switch to ensure safe working.