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recording phone call device with Bluetooth

recording phone call device with Bluetooth

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Uploaded on 2 years ago

1. CSR Bluetooth 4.0 connection, low power consumption.
2. Bluetooth wireless connection, far from cellphone radiation interference.
3. Phone conversation distance up to 10 meters.
4. Phone conversation recording, no need to download APP software or use a recording pen or jailbreak.
5. Automatically recording after the phone call connected, automatically stop recording when the call ended.
6. Built-in clock chip, the file name of the recordings named by time, easy to find the recording file.
7. Built-in 32R 0.25W high quality ironclad speaker.
Can copy the audio files out, connected to computer via USB.
8. Automatic answering and automatic message leaving function.
9. Operation voice reminder, live recording.
10.Built-in 512M memory card, 16 hours long-time recording, automatic loop recording.
11.Built-in 500MA lithium battery, continuous call recording up to 7 hours.