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In-ear Type Portable Business Call Recorder

In-ear Type Portable Business Call Recorder

SHEN ZHEN Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd


Uploaded on 2 years ago

1. Small size, easy to carry.
2. Compatible with the line control feature of iPhone.
3.Voice recorder function. Can be used as a voice recorder.
4. Use earphone to record the call, need no software, voice recorder or jailbreak.
5. Able to listen to songs, answer calls, record.
6. Operating prompt tone.
7. Can play the recording and listen, can store the recording back to mobile phone.
8. Can copy the recording files out from the earphone connected to computer via USB cable.
9. Built in 512MB memory, recording duration up to 16 hours.
10. Built in 200MA lithium battery, able to record 5 hours.
11. Both iphone and Android cellphone can use this call recording earphone.