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WANMA 9ZT-0.6 Stalk Grass Hay Chaff Cutter Machine

WANMA 9ZT-0.6 Stalk Grass Hay Chaff Cutter Machine

Sichuan Wanma Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 2 years ago

All of the feeder units are automatic,the main machine,the timbering machine and even the blades are made of cast iron to reinforce the stability and moderate the noise.The chaffcutter is adopted a quadruplex flat slanting blade to reduce drag and for easier tool setting.The leading-in section of the chaffcutter is adopted with two sticks for feedstock,and uses a combination of a quadruplex gear to reduce drag,so that it enlarged the feed quantity.This product is easily operated,put the fodder in once after the power is connected,and it is set of 3 tap position for customers to choose:longest,middle,shortest.The machine's construction is simple and it is convenient to install and maintain.