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WANMA 6FP150/180 Flour Milling Machine

WANMA 6FP150/180 Flour Milling Machine

Sichuan Wanma Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


Uploaded on 2 years ago

6FP150/180 is widely used for making powder of grain,beans,rice,maize,dry cassava,chillies,pepper,cocoa,spices,etc.It can also make thick juice of grain and beans.

This machine is convenient to maintain and clean.The structure of it is compact.And it can normally work under full loading condition,so don't worry when it works at an overloading or long time.

The main parameter of 6FP150 and 6FP180 is almost the same, and the only difference between them is the diameter of the millstone.The diameter of 6FP150's millstone is 150mm,and 6FP180's is 180mm.So the capacity of 6FP180 can be 20kg/h more than 6FP150.