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CBFI Company Introduction

CBFI Company Introduction

Guangzhou Icesource Co.,Ltd


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Guangzhou Icesourse Co., LTD is the subordinate enterprise of Icesourse Group, which is the leader in the energy conservation and environmental protection refrigeration filed. Icesourse Group specialized in environmental protection and refrigeration equipment research, is a international group, which contain Guangzhou Icesource Co., LTD, Guangzhou Ice Spring Refrigeration Equipment Co., LTD, Icesourse(Nigeria) Co., LTD and Icesourse(Malaysia) Co., LTD.
Guangzhou Icesourse Co., LTD is founded in November of 2004. Our factory was located in Panyu District of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, it is near two famous port of South China Huangpu Port and Nansha Port, and not far from Baiyun airport. It is convenient for load and transport goods and for customers come to visit our factory. Our company is specialize in research, design, produce and sell large production Ice Cube machine, Ice Block machine, Containerized Ice block machine, Automatic Ice Block machine, Ice Tube machine, Ice Plate machine, Bag Ice machine, Flake Ice machine,Low temperature refrigeration machine and Cold Room, and its accessory equipment, for example,crane, ice crushing machine and so on.