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self adhesive sticker labeling machine SL-4318R

self adhesive sticker  labeling machine SL-4318R

Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.


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1. Strictly controlled fabrication
Each component is CNC processed for stable and quiet operation.
Each has been inspected before being sent into the warehouse to ensure mechanical precision

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  2. Design features
- Applications: round containers in industries such as pharmaceutical and daily chemical.
- With big rotary infeed and separating device with efficiency.
- The structure is mechanically reinforced with simple design. Easy to operate and maintain.
- Double pressing roller structure for the labeling device, to ensure the label carrier film is appropriately stretched without being easily broken. New labeling clutch to stablize the label tension for smooth operation,
- 6 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station for wide adjustment. Within a few minutes, the adjustment for any kind of labeling can be finished.
- Advanced HMI system, easy access to saved data, fault reminder and assistance information. Easy operation.
- Driven by servo motor. Maximum labeling speed is 50 meters/minute.
60,000 BPH Self Adhesive Sticker Labeling Machine Connected with Krones Production Line

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