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Self adhesive sticker labeling machine SL-6B

Self adhesive sticker labeling machine SL-6B

Shallway Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.


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1. Strictly controlled fabrication

Each component is CNC processed for stable and quiet operation.

Each has been inspected before being sent into the warehouse to ensure mechanical precision.

2. Design features


- For providing highly precise single/double side labeling for oval or square containers, positioned labeling or wrap-around labeling for round containers, or for special shaped containers.

HMI unit:

User-friendly operation system, with  functions of operation data storage and error reminder. Easy to operate.

Labeling station:

- 8 dimensional adjustment for the labeling station with position display device for precise positioning.

- Rapid adjustment without requiring any tool.

- Horizontal movement for minor adjustment of labeling position.

- Double press-roller design to increase the label tension, good for peeling extra-thin labels and avoids label breaking.

- New labeling clutch to stablize the label tension for smooth operation, 3-point label adjustment device stablizes the label panel.

- Special frame for the label peeling panel, easy to adjust.

Top pressing belt unit:

- Double chains driven by the main motor, increasing the force moment, reducing the chain deformation

- Separated pressing spacers, good for radiating. Different pressure setting available: less pressure on the infeed position and more pressure on the positioning position.

- Big spanned support for the pressing belt, with synchronized adjustment via double connected bolts.

- Buffering bars for the belt are applied for less wearing, to increase the mechanical functions.

- Wide range of height adjustment: 0-400 mm, easy change-over of containers.

Aligning unit:

- Infinitely variable speed adjustment,synchronized with conveyors and pressing belt, driven by a mechanical gear with a high power motor.

- Dimensional spacial adjustment expanses the applications.

- Chains of high polymer material is good for the aligning precision.


- Precise, synchronized with the pressing belt.Driven by 1.5 KW motor.

- Broadened, driven by high power motor, with expanded applications.

No bubble or wrinkle

-The labeled containers pass through label pressing panel, passive sponge rollers, and active sponge rollers, to make sure there is no bubble or wrinkle on the labels.


A. Second positioning unit (optional):

- Patented design, the shinning point of the machine, providing nice labeling for special-shaped containers. While labeling special-shaped containers, based on the profile features, a position block can be fabricated and set on the eccentric block of the positioning unit. When the container passes, the position block holds it rapidly at the required angle for labeling and sends it at the same speed of the conveyors.

B. Labeling device for big round bottle (optional):

- Possible for bottom-positioning of bottles.

Max. output for round bottle labeling: 120 BPM.

- Fast adjustment and change-over, easy change-over among containers of different shapes, reducing change-over time and increasing efficiency.

C. Automatic label splicing (optional)

- of label carrier films during the reel change-over.