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Whip check safety cable

Whip check safety cable

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Name: Whip check safety cable, whip checks, king safety cable, Hose safety whip check, air hose safety cable, whip check cable

Material: steel plated cable, plated spring and Aluminum ferrules, Stainless steel 304/316 cable and copper ferrule is

Size & Tension:
1/8"*20-1/4" (for 1/2 hoses to 1-1/4 hoses) Length: 20-1/4inch 7.8KN
3/16"*28" Length: 28 inch 17 KN
1/4"*38"(for 1-1/2 hoses to 3 hoses) Length: 38inch 17 KN
3/8"*44"(for 4 hoses) Length: 44inch25 KN

Usage: Whip check safety cable is designed specially to prevent hose connections from whipping if the hoses or couplings failed to hold. The failure usually occurs with high pressure and will make hoses or equipment shake violently which may cause serious injury for people or the nearby coupling & equipment.