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Direct cooling ice block machine

Direct cooling ice block machine

Zhejiang Kingfit Environment Co., Ltd.


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Adopts latest technology, no need of brine tank;
- Aerospace aluminum alloy 6063-T5, high heat transfer coefficient, high strength and robust evaporator by enhanced welding technology;
- Direct heat exchange between the water and refrigerant in aluminum evaporator brings higher ice making efficiency, thus ice forms 1.5 times faster than ordinary ice machine which uses brine water;
- Easy-to-operate screw rod lifting mechanism gets feedback from the distance sensor which can realize more precise and safe control;
- Passive reservoir control method applied to specify precise liquid supply, which increases ice making efficiency and system reliability;
- Automatic water adding function by back type liquid level control technology;
- Silicone foam seal avoids evaporator dripping problem;
- Unique refrigeration system, using hot gas defrost technology makes easier and automatic ice harvest;
- Integrated modular design facilitates installation and maintenance on the spot;
- Food grade manufacturing process, totally complies with food standard;
- Warranty period: One year after shipped.