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The best design handbags manufacture in guangzhou

The best design handbags manufacture in guangzhou

guangzhou versse bags manufacture


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Not Every Bag Can Be Called Versse .
Each Bag Of Versse From Design To Shipping Need To Go Through 32 Processes Of Temper Then Can Put Versse's LOGO. 13 Production Process To Ensure The Quality Of The Product, To Ensure That No More Another One Thread, Each Pieces Is The Best.
10 Control Process To Ensure Efficiency, From Top To Bottom Co-Ordination Of The Production Process, For The Implementation Of The Design Concept, Every Detail Has Been The Most Attention.To Ensure The Enthusiasm Of Each Employee To Play. Versse Produces 80,000 High-Quality Luggage Every Month, All Through The Rigorous Test Of 32 Steps, As Long As One Step Is Not Qualified Then Start Again.