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eco bath ceiling

eco bath ceiling


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# eagle

-Luxury Interior
Luxurious design of the wing shape decorates the bathroom to look wider and more comfortable.

-Essential Item of Bathroom Interior
Eco-Bath Unit for the bathroom ceiling decorates the bathroom to look more spacious and luxurious.

# swan

-Essential Item of Bathroom Interior
High-gloss surface makes design free, and the material is light and shock-proof.

-Safeguard for Healthy Family
The product made of recyclable and environment-friendly materials is harmless to the body.

-Movable Access Hole
The position and size can be changed and moved by customer requirements and site conditions.

# chameleon

-Change of mood with soft LED lighting
Color and brightness of LED lighting can be adjusted
with the remote control, if desired.
(Color : Red, Green, Blue, Purple)

-Effective Power Saving
Electric power consumption can be cut sharply by
using LED lighting.

# jonathan

-Direct constructed by Professional Experts
Professional experts directly build the bathroom ceiling for high customer satisfaction, using Eco-Bath Unit materials which are easy to use in an excellent sense.

-Use of Innovative ABS Material
Innovative ABS material gives high durability and gloss compared with other products.

# Albatross

-Design of Dome Ceiling
A space structure of dome ceiling has been newly developed beyond the old flat structure.
A dome structure makes the bathroom look much more spacious and luxurious.

-Comfortable Rest Area at Home
Materials for the dome ceiling of the bathroom makes atmosphere mentally comfortable and restful.

# music bath

-Advanced Material ABS eco-friendly
Roasting is a free, lightweight ABS material, yet beautiful design and glossy surface representation is a material with a very high impact strength, impact resistance jinyeo.
In particular, consumer electronics and automotive interior and exterior, as well as harmless to the human body because the material used in all areas and is capable of playing the superior eco-friendly materials in the construction materials sector resources.

-Bath water, drainage, noise interlayer
Water supply, attach the joint heupeumje vulnerable to multiple layers of noise bathroom You can reduce the noise of conflict or discomfort due to housing.
You can attach to the back of the product heupeumje can maintain the thermal effect of the bathrooms even higher.

-Negative ions Function
Negative ions appears to feel in the woods! Air purification and antibacterial features to consider health products.

-Fragrance Function
Easy to install, as well as using it for a long time to have an excellent flavor microcapsules equipped with air freshener feature allows more flavors to the bathroom.

-Music Function
Listening to the bathroom and wash frequently used music. Simplify smartphone linked, you can enjoy your own music. The way the product makes a great bathroom.