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14 inch Auto Feeder Paper machine

14 inch Auto Feeder Paper machine

Jianghai Duoli Machinery Factory


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DL-S380 automatic document feeder is a feeder stable, lightweight and easy to operate feeder can replace manual paper feed, save labor and affordable economic models. Equipment feed speed adjustable with automatic stop sending feature that allows matching speed adjustment easier.

Sophisticated designs

1. Light weight, small size; two side mounting pumping hands, one person can easily be installed or moved.
2. No noise, simple operation, a control line and laminating machines connected to achieve automatic paper feed and paper stop function.

High-quality interior design.
1. Use DC24V DC motor, imported miniature sensors and well-known brands of electrical components.
2. Using high-quality belt drive, no deviation deformation, stepless.
3. The automatic paper feeding and stop function, when the paper feed tray laminating machine, feeder stops feeding, paper driven by a laminating machine, transmission more stable, more accurate sub-sheets.
4. The machine tray with pneumatic tension, pressure adjustable and simple adjustment for different thicknesses of paper.
5. Equipment mining steel or stainless steel surface spray or paint treatment, beautiful, corrosion-resistant.

Low production costs
1. precision roller design, lamination effect uniform lamination costs 0.35-0.50 yuan / square.
2. Install a feeder to automatically feed the 14-inch Laminating Machine. Paper neatly placed in the automatic document feeder will achieve stable paper, high efficiency and low cost.

Feeder Use Caution
1. This feeder designed for this purpose laminating machine, paper loading paper feeder hopper thickness up to 5CM, feeder applies only to multi-brand 14-inch force Laminating machine.
2. Load paper when the paper short edge first and beat Sarkozy in fighting the front door cardboard paper, load paper to make patterns on the face.
3. This feeder is attached to the lamination machine, you should allow the feeder and laminating machines are engaged, and adjust and lock all to support the foot. Otherwise, this unit will move and cause jams.