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Card Edge Polishing And Gilding Machine

Card Edge Polishing And Gilding Machine

Jianghai Duoli Machinery Factory


Uploaded on 2 years ago

This machine is edge Gilding suitable for poker, business cards, tags and all kinds of cards,. the process is simple and easy to operate.
After gilding product beautiful, The rounded position smooth transition, edge effects firm and hard to fall off.

A brief description
1. Sandpaper electric polishing, dust removal system, easy to operate.
2. Gilding pressure can be adjusted for different materials working.
3. Gilding paper of different widths can be installed, the effect is beautiful and firm.
4. Automatic heating system, multiple protection gilding head.
5. Pneumatic pushing system, After clamping, the card can target or rotated.
6. Gilding paper can be recieved and sent automatically.
7. After polishing, the card can be repaired Rounded corners and corners gilding.