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High precision surface grinder machines

High precision surface grinder machines

Xinxiang SKF Machinery Co., Ltd.


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When the machine is working, upper and lower grinding discs as well as the planet wheel rotate simultaneously to drive work pieces to do reciprocating planet motion between the two grinding discs. Various grinding discs such Diamond grinding plates, CBN grinding plates, Cast iron plates, GC plates, etc can be adopted for different requirements of various products, so as to achieve double side precision grinding on work pieces made from various materials. Our equipment take advanced probe side measurement and Sony size measuring controller to realize real-time online measurement control on processed work pieces.
1. High strength cast iron machine body
2. Three independent adjustable driving motors are applied to upper disc, lower disc and inner ring
3. Upper working disc can be manually or automatically swing out
4. Pneumatic control
5. Digital size control system
6. Inner ring rotates under servo driving
7. Semi-automatically loading and unloading device can be configured
8. Constant temperature cooling and filtering system
9. Touch screen control interface
10. Compressed protection for upper working disc
11. Strong fault diagnosis function
12. A plurality of functions for selection
13. No or less maintenance, simple and convenient operation
14. Customized processing solution, to improve product capacity

Hydraulic elements: Blade pump,steering valve, plunger pump, gasoline pump,hydraulic motor, etc.
Compressor parts: Air condition compressor blade, piston, cylinder, refrigerator compressor valve plate, etc.
Engine parts Internal combustor part, booster pump part, oil nozzle/ oil pump part, etc
Various hard alloy blades, high precision bearing, sealing piece, watch part, ceramic valve core, magnetic material, etc
Any other hard and brittle materials which required a high precision surface quality

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