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 Brief introduction   
1. Boom lift driving force
1) Trailered by the pick up . this boom lift is made by high strength steel with light weight and good quality . the compact size is convenient to be trailered by cars .
2) Pull by man force . it's light weight make man pulling and pushing are possible , the ground should be smooth .
compact size , save your space when stowed .  
2. Boom lift up and down force 
1) AC power plug in , its voltage will be made as your local voltage . 
No noise and air pollution
its very convenient with AC you can use it to lifting up or lifting down in a fast speed .
2) Battery Powered / DC powered 
No noise and air pollution . when it be used outdoors , you can use it without electrical wire .
3) diesel power 
once you have diesel you can use it always .
4) Diesel power +DC battery
When diesel is run out off , you can use DC ; vice versa .This trailer boom lift is for DC+diesel power trailer boom lift