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Hydraulic Boom Lift Tables/Trailer Mounted Lift

Hydraulic Boom Lift Tables/Trailer Mounted Lift

Jinan Good Treasure Hydraulic Machinery Co,. Ltd


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Product introduction
Product description 
The hydraulic self propelled telescopic lifting arm has automated drive and hydraulic automatic leg which can be rotated 360 degrees. They can also stride across without external power supply etc, so they are widely used in highways, boat yards shopping walls, stadiums, residential property, mining workshops and any other isometric maintenance operation of complex high-altitude construction.

The bottom of platform is made of checkered steel plate, and platform size is 600*700*1000mm. The platform can lift up ,extend horizontally, or turn around 360 degrees to stride across certain obstacles for work . so it can realize multi-point work in wide scope.
With 4 full-automatic hydraulic outriggers to steady the whole machine at any kind of ground conditions. When the road is uneven, four full-automatic legs or single leg can support the machine.

Diesel engine
The lift is driven by diesel engine, whose brand is Changchai, it is first class in China. And the platform is also lifted up and down by the diesel engine. As power source, the diesel engine has powerful power, and strong climbing capacity. Furthermore, we can also use storage battery to make the lift up and down.

Hydraulic cylinder
We use original import or domestic joint venture hydraulic cylinder, cylinder material is 45 # high-quality carbon steel, with a leather working strength, impact resistance, not magnetic characteristics, with high quality, improving the reliability and prolonging the use life.
Widely used in construction sites, factories, warehouses, grain storage, railway stations, hotels, airports, terminals, stations, sports, plants, overhead pipes and other high-altitude equipment installation and maintenance and cleaning, etc.. It is also used for lifting equipment maintenance, maintenance of power facilities in the open air and steel frame structure plant.
1.Two sources of power: Storage battery and Diesel engine. And the storage battery works without noise.
2.Four full-automatic hydraulic legs,provide great stability for the equipment.
3.Boom rotation 360°,so it can work across the barriers.