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B&W Laptop Ultrasound Scanner XF50 LCD

B&W Laptop Ultrasound Scanner XF50 LCD

Mianyang Xianfeng Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd


Uploaded on 2 years ago

12 inch high resolution color LED displayer;
High-speed USB port;
AC and DC power supply mode, with power adapter;
With high-capacity lithium battery;
8-segment TGC control, overall GAIN control;
Digital encoder regulations;
Chinese-English transformation;
Anti-dazzle Radium carved buttons;
Convenient and practical clinical measurement software;
Image with angle view;
Kinds of broadband or variable frequency probes to be chosen;
Probe automatic identification, random plug;
Host weight: about 3.5 kg.
Host appearance size: 310 ×338 × 76 (length × width × height) (mm3).