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As a sheet Metal manufacturer in China, Baoshen Metal Product Co., Ltd began of family inheritance with 15 years profound experience. We have a reliable reputation at mainland and abroad.

Since founding brand of "Baoshen Metal" in 2015, our core pursue is to "create values for customers, opportunities for staffs, benefits for the society ".

Baoshen Metal possesses many industries in Foshan City and well-known production equipment import from German, such as TRULASER 3030, TRUPUNCH 1000, can provide you comprehensive one-stop house service in the field of industrial structure manufacturing, in the field of displaying processing, in the field of decoration engineering, in the field of drawing design, various kind of metal surface treatment, after-sale service, etc.

All our final products before shipment are strongly required to adhere to the standard of ISO9001-2008 quality management standard We are devoted ourselves to satisfy customers.