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automotive LED headlights

automotive LED headlights

Auto LED


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Key Specifications/Special Features:
Key specifications:
Power: 35W
Input voltage: 8-32V/AC
Brightness: 2800lm
Lifespan: >10,000H
Working temperature: -40 to +105°C
Color: 6200k

Primary competitive advantages:
LED luminous chip
D.O.T and E-mark certificate
Defective: <0.1%
Warranty: 18 months

10 manufacturing experience
Models all available:
Single beam: H1, H3, H7,H11, 880, H8, H9, H10, 9005, 9006, 9012, H15, 5202
Hi/Lo beam: H4 H/L, H13 H/L, 9004 H/L, 9007 H/L

Advantage of LED headlights
1: Energy saving and reasonable price
LED luminous efficiency is very high, its energy consumption is just 1/20 of the halogen lamp and technology makes its costs come down in recent years

2: Long lifetime
Lift time of HID headlights is 3000 hours, but LED headlights can be used over 50,000 hours

3: Designed power circuit is simple
Car's power belonged to low voltage power supply, and circuit is designed to be simple
Since designed LED components are simple, has good ability of shock resistance and antiknock resistance, has strong structure and can adjust different hostile environments

4: Quick reaction
Lightening LED just takes few microseconds, avoids some accidents that caused by the late headlight lightening

5: Can be driven by low-voltage current
LED headlights can be driven easily by low-voltage current, can be used easily well in different environments