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YD4-1000P Waterproof Drones Body Quadcopter Frame

YD4-1000P Waterproof Drones Body Quadcopter Frame

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The quadcopter frame YD4-1000P features excellent stabilization,heavy lifting capability,long flight time,detachable arms and can fly in rain and dusty conditions.
Its one-time forming carbon fiber reduces weight while still keep the stiffness,which makes it stronger and lighter for long time flying tasks:60 minutes without payload,50 minutes with 500 grams payload and 40 minutes with 1000 grams payload.So you can use it for applications like 3D mapping,aerial inspection,surveillance and so on.
The arms can be easily detached with aluminium fastening kits,which makes it very convenient for maintenace and transportation.
Furthermore,with a glass fiber canopy,the GPS signal will not be blocked.Another very useful feature is its waterproofness and dustproofness,which enable the drone to fly under most weather conditions,like dusty and rainy days.

1) High strength,durable carbon fiber frame
2) Lightweight design
3) Long flight time capability:up to 60 minutes without payload
4) Folding frame makes it good for maintenance and transportation
5) Dustproof & rain-proof
6) Lock mechanism landing gear makes it easy for installation

Axle Diameter: 1060mm
Max Propeller Size: 29 inch
Wingspan: 1720mm
Battery Capatible: 1pcs 22000mAH
Max flight time: 60min
Frame Material: Toray 3K Carbon Fiber
Max Takeoff Weight: 8kg
Manufacture Process: One-time Moulding
Payload Range: 0.5-1kg Max Range 20km
Frame Weight: 1350 grams
Max Cruising Speed: 60km/h
Fuselage Height: 500mm
Max Take off Altitude: 4500m
Landing Skid Width: 640mm
Flying Height: 2000m
Frame Thickness: 0.5mm
Working Temperature: -30ºC~+50ºC
Motor Mount Diameter: 92mm
Take off & Landing Mode: Vertical take-off and loading
Motor Compatible: 8608 170KV OR
Anti Wind Capability: 5 Level

1 x YD4-1000P frame(No ESC,Motor and Propellers)
4 x Motor connector unit(For motor and ESC connection)
1 x Payload attaching board(For payload installation,like gimbal)

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