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hydroseeder spraying machine

hydroseeder spraying machine

Henan Heng Rui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd


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Product Description
Hydro -Mulcher, hydroseeder, or hydraulic planter, whatever you choose to call them, these versatile machines are used to quickly see large areas for erosion control or reclamation. Hengrui HKP series hydroseeders are driven by diesel, electronic control, simple operation. The HKP series are designed to meet the most demanding seeding applications. The capabilities, conveniences, and output are unmatched in the industry delivering the atmost in performance and productivity. What's more, you can modify the tank capacity to fit your needs.

1. Large working volume. The max 3113.4 gallons (8000L) can be chosen. What's more, you can modify the size to fit your needs.
2. Exclusive engine. It is the main part that Hengrui HKP series hydroseeser different from others. The outlet pressure can achieve 2.2MPa (the max outlet pressure of other manufacturers are just 1.6MPa). It has strong power and high efficiency even can delivery slurry.
3. Fast mixing jet agitation system. The machine mixer uses double mixing mode of vane mechanical agitation and cycling efflux agitation, to ensure that in the whole hydroseeding process, the slurry is in completely suspension and homogeneous state.
4. Patented technology. Our products have applied for nine patents for inventions, utility models of a patent.
5. Factory direct sales----Cheapest Price. Our company is a manufacturer direct marketing, and we have hadexporting right, our products has already export to Singapore, South Africa, The Philippines, Germany and so on.
6. High solid content. The max solid content of HKP series can achieve 80%. Be able to transfer high-solids content of the media, such as slurry.

The machine can mix different materials like seeds, mulch, fertilizer, soil conditioner, adhesives, moisturizer, straw, fiber covering materials, yellow soil, red soil, sandy soil, clay, even big proportion, high and super concentration slurry materials.
So it is versatile, can be widely applied in spray planting permanent vegetation, spraying slurry, slope protection greening and erosion prevention, also in irrigation, fertilize, pesticide spraying and other daily care, soil improvement work.
If you're controlling erosion, restoring distressed lands, planting professional-grade turf for golf courses, or just planting hundreds of new home lawns each year, Wu have the equipment that's right for you!