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Tower type adhesive dry mortar production line

Tower type adhesive dry mortar production line

Anhui Mingguang Ruisheng Machinery Co.,Ltd


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Product Description :

Automatic production line of dry mortar with double shaft mixer, the machine is integrated into the generation of more new models based on the technical essence of system research and development, with automatic feeding and pneumatic feeding, bucket wall without product piece, no dead Angle, etc. Our company produce all kinds of dry mortar equipment has cover an area of an area small, reasonable structure, simple operation, high efficiency, no dust, dynamic configuration reasonable, moderate investment, short construction period, investment, quick effect, etc

Composition of equipment :

1. Cement silo

2. Screw conveyor

3. Double shaft paddle mixer

4. Control system

5. Weighing system

6.Premix system

7.Bucket elevator

8.Packaging machine

9. Dust collector

10. Steel platform

11. Feeder

12. Air compressor