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Dry Donkey Skins

Uploaded on 8 months ago

e are able to supply donkey hides with specifications as below :

-Material: Donkey Hides
-Size:10-20 Sq Ft
-Thickness:1.4mm -1.6mm
-Pattern: Dried donkey Hides
-Use: Garment, Handbag, Luggage, Shoes
-Full substance,
-100% machine flayed
-No ticks, no scratches, no humps
-Size: 10-20 Sq Ft
-Weight: 4.5 to 7 kgs
-Average weight: 7kgs
-Selection: 80% A/B, 20% C/D
-Male 75% / Female 25%
-impurity: No sand , No dust, No mud ,No foreign object, no fats and no meat
-Not available: No hair slip problem, No rotten Hides, No fats and meat
on the Hides,No mule
-No Holes, No Cuts, No Reheated,
-Sand : non and clean from any other dust or mud.