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Full Color Irregular Star Shaped Hexagram Display

Full Color Irregular Star Shaped Hexagram Display

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Creative LED Display Creative LED display is designed and manufactured based on customer specific requirements. Thanks to the of flexibility of control and combination, LED screen in many areas can be applied. As long as the outline of an idea, creativity, you can create shiny stage. DJ table is a sign of the bar, and it is the most characteristic of a stage facade. With the fashion dance music, it will bring you a special nightclub entertainment enjoyment.

These creative products allow for intelligent lighting effects on large-scale backgrounds of any form, shape and size while also displaying logos or full motion video.
Features and advantages of Creative LED display

*Original ideas refining and fulfillment
*Creative design based on different shapes
*Highlight personality culture
*Advanced led display technology
*Patents of invention & patents for utility models
*Achieve the City Landmark


Widely used in museums, planetariums, science museums, Children's Palace, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, lounges, hotels, large open spaces, train stations, ports, shopping malls, bars and other places.