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Pure nicotine ,clear colorless liquid nicotine like water .packaged in 1 L or 2.5 L for nicotine UN box .
Skype : elenanicotine
Pure Nicotine 99.9%
English Name:Nicotine 99.9%
Specification : 99.9% ( 999mg/ml)
UN number : 1654
Extract Part : Tobacco Leaves
Analysis :HPLC
Molecular formula:C10H14N2
Appearance:Colorless oily liquid

1. Used for electronic cigarette ( smoking cessation product, nicotine replacement therapy),dilute with PG or VG and flavor,refill the e-cigarette, or nicotine gum and nicotine patches .
2.Applied in bio-pesticide ( put-out, stomach toxicity, fumigation, no residual and sensitive to aphid), The biggest advantage is no residue.
3.Applied in cardiovascular ( Alzheimer's disease, Parkinsonism and depression ).