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Model: DYJ-1009
Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7MHz
Ultrasonic power: 900W
Power supply voltage: AC220V 10% 50Hz(Voltage can be customized according to requirements)
Product size (mm):600 x 380 x 480
Humidification amount: 9L/hour
Application area: 80-100 square meters 2.5 meters tall
Automatic wet control: can be achieved unattended, can set the humidity you need (99% ~ 10%)
Automatic feed water
Shell material: stainless steel paint
Working temperature: 10C<40C
Product features:
1, the box is made of stainless steel, chrome copper core atomization.
2, modular integration, single core can be independent replacement chip.
3, no mechanical operation, with the water level protection switch, running reliably.
4, the characteristics of high atomization efficiency, the overall size of the spray particles only 1~5micro, gasification efficiency of up to 100%.
5, with automatic replenishment \ water protection and water overflow function, optional drainage device and water softener device, can meet with the requirement of no dust pollution in the calcification.
6, with the power of the fan delay function.
7, according to the environmental humidity value for automatic control.
Misting systems are considered an ideal means of climate control in many industries where humidity and temperature are critical to improve profitability. Applications include textile plants, printing facilities, greenhouse propagation, and wine storage.