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Hygiene Snow Ice Flake Bingsu Machine 'Mini'

Hygiene Snow Ice Flake Bingsu Machine 'Mini'

CK Company Co., Ltd.


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- Germs - 99.9% Decreasing
- MINI(CKB-195DSW) is China No.1 Sales product.
- It is very suitable for sanitation sensitive customers.
- Nature-friendly sterilization using hybrid water and ozone.
- No more bacteria!

1. Make snow flakes within 20 seconds!
2. Generates snow flakes with water, milk, juice, beer and wine etc.
3. 99.9% sterilizes and cleans with hybrid water
4. Built with 3 stages ice quality adjustment program

Product name : Table type ice flake machine 'Bing's Bing's Mini'
Model Name : CKB-195SW
Product size : 400 x 550 x 540 mm
Maximum ice making capacity : 250kg/day
Net Weight : 65kg
Rated voltage : AC220V / 50, 60Hz
Power Consumption : 1,300W
Refrigerant : R-404a
Condenser : Water cooling type