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KANZO Mosquito repellent band and necklace

KANZO Mosquito repellent band and necklace

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Natural Air Freshener KANZO Gets Popular

It contains aroma freshener harmless to humans

Uses 100% natural materials, safety guaranteed

"Hemp field gathers no mosquitoes or bugs."
From old times, our ancestor had burned stems or leaves of hemp after harvesting and used them to cast out mosquitoes.
World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that nearly 2mil people have died of zika virus or malaria every year.
It means that the use of pesticides destroys environment and causes various kinds of side effect.
Aromatic air freshener KANZO is made of 100% natural materials and gets popular this summer.
This item is produced by perfect quality control and integrated process and could be easily used at home, office or car.
This is a well-being and environmental-friendly product. Good-quality liquid aroma oil produced by agricultural hemp cooperative is changed into solid form through advanced technology.

It makes aroma long-lasting and looks luxurious and could be customized in design and printing. Besides, even on the skin, aroma is sustained for a long time.
Its use is also simple and portable so people could carry it when enjoying outdoor activities.
An official of KANZO said that "we are professionally producing high-quality air freshener and exporting to many countries including Austria and Greece and our products are very safe".

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