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Automatic paper cone production line

Automatic paper cone production line

Shandong Tongri Power Science and Technology Co.,Ltd


Uploaded on 2 years ago

TRZ-2012 automatic conical paper tube production line need no manual operation from raw paper to paper tube product. The whole production process is controlled by PLC programming, main engine transmission uses cam timing mechanism. Each position takes double speed variable frequency control technology. Also the none mechanical abrasion photoelectric control, approaching control and pneumatic delay control, which realize the mechanical and electrical integration. Suitable for the production of conical tube with various specification.

Rolling---internal and external printing---edge grinding---cutting---Reeling---Drying---Finishing---cutting V-shaped opening---opening processing---pressing---grinding---galling---finishing

Main Parameter:
Speed: 25-50/min
Size: 14000mm*6000mm*3800mm
Operator: 1