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Work Principle
The machine consists of cleaning rollers, cleaning cabinet, rack and transmission system. During operation, the raw rubber in the cabinet gets shredded and kneaded repeatedly by the strong power of the two rollers with different rotate speeds. Thus the impurities both inside and on the raw rubber come off , being washed away easily. The waved grooves on the rollers enhances its holding power in movement, reduce the roller slip, and become more effective. After being washed and kneaded initially by this machine, the raw rubber becomes soft bars with rough surface, which is well prepared for sheeting.
It is a special machine used in washing and cleaning cup lumps, tree scrap, and other filed-coagulated rubber. One of its main function is to remove the impurity in the raw material mechanically, while the other is to mix up and soften the raw material of different qualities. It provides a good condition of the raw material for creping in next.