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Rubber packing machine

Rubber packing machine

Zhanjiang Weida Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd.


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Scrap Rubber Packing Machine Rubber Processing Machine Rubber Packing Machine Rubber Processing Machine is making based on customer requirement and rubber feature, which is new product for meeting with set rubber production line. Rubber packing machine is with feature as new structure, good rigidity and stability, high automation, low operating cost, safe-&-reliable, simple operation, low cost for civil work etc. From the beginning of design, we bring to reduce customer's initial investment and subsequent operating cost as our target all the time. We utilize new skill, new process and new material for rubber packing machine what is new product that collecting mechanism, electricity and hydraulic pressure in one for fitting market requirement.
Work Principle:
 Scrap Rubber Packing Machine Rubber Processing Machine  consist of up base, down base, package cabinet, upright column, pressure head, hydraulic pressure station and control part. Pressure head runs downward movement to make the incompact rubber compressing standard rubber bale. Package cabinet is fixed on down base, and has the collection table with movable on the package cabinet. After compressing the incompact rubber, spike of pressure head brings the rubber bale out and on the collection table automatically to complete a package work.
Nude packing or according to customer's demand.
Payment Terms: 
L/C ,D/A,D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram and paypal