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Rubber hammer mill cuttingmachine

Rubber hammer mill  cuttingmachine

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Length mm 370 500 600
Veins Width × Height mm 3×2 3×2 11x2
Hammer quantity 30 42 60
Motor y160l-4-15kw y180l-4-22kw

Reduc BWD3-29-3kw BWD3-23-5.5kw BWD14-11kw
Production capacity 600 kg 1000 kg 1500 kg
N.W. 1.6t 2t 3t
Outlook size 1.2m×1.5m×1.03m 1.55m×1.53m×1.1m 2.8m×1.9m×1.28m
Rubber hammer mill machine is indispensable component for producing standard rubber processing production line in natural rubber factory. First, fresh latex lumps are thinned or miscellaneous rubber are removed sundries by rubber cleaner machine. Second, rubber lumps or miscellaneous rubber are creped by rubber creper machine. Last, rubber lumps are feed by belt conveyor and enter rubber hammer mill machine which it shred rubber lumps into many rubber granules.
Structure & Work Principle
Rubber hammer mill machine component: rubber hammer mill machine main body, rotor driving part, feeding roller driving part and base plate.
Work Principle
Rotor distributes rows T-swing hammer and hammers each row. Per hammer is thrown out as centrifugal force, when roller is driven by electric motor through V-belt. Rubber lumps are feed into rubber hammer mill machine by feeding roller and repeatedly shredded into be many small rubber granules with high-speed rotation hammers, and fallen from the bottom of layout sieve of machine. Large rubber granules cannot be fallen from layout sieve and will be broken once again by the hammer until they are small for discharging the layout sieve hole.
Feeding part is consisted of a couple of veins roller, tandem position, front roller is active roller and rear roller is passive roller. Rollers are rotated in positive and negative position through cycloid reducer driving.