Wanted: Purple sweet potato processing line machine

Dec 26, 2016
Purple sweet potato processing line 1.Washing, sorting 2.Brush peeling 3.Crusher 4.Pulping machine 5.Preheat 6.Enzymolysis 7.Precipitation 8.Filtration 9.Evaporator 10.Sterilization 11.Filling 12.Juice product 13.Purple sweet potato starch

Wanted: PE drip irrigation pipe making machine KAIDE factory

Apr 22, 2015
Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Production Line The drip irrigation pipe is widely used in water saving irrigation field, such as vegetables, flowers and trees. This line can produce this kind of inline round drip irrigation pipe continuously with high...

Wanted: Fruit Grading Machine

Mar 3, 2010
The electronical fruit grader can put fruits and vegetables into eight grades by weight . It is ideal for long and irregular shaped fruit and vegetables manufacture as, for example, every sort of pears and in particular courgettes, aubergines,...

Wanted: Buy Attachment for Universal Meat Grinder,slicer and mixer

Mar 12, 2006
-82 mm meat mincer complete for attaching to machine -vegetable cutter complete with cutting dishes and attachments to main machine -standard mixing bowel incl. mixing tools and bowl transporter -bowl scraber -ratch for keeping tools -safety shield...

Wanted: Vegetable processing machine

Feb 18, 2002
We are pleased to inform you that we are very much interested to buy a complete Vegetable processing line (washing, peeling, cutting ) on line process complete with the transfer conveyer for medium capacity around 100 ~ 150 KG/H The vegetable we...
Saudi Arabia