Variable Enameled Copper Wire Air Coil induction coil Variable Enameled Copper Wire Air Coil induction coil Variable Enameled Copper Wire Air Coil induction coil

Variable Enameled Copper Wire Air Coil induction coil

FAQ Q: What are your main products? A: Our main products are: Tx-coil /Rx-coil for wireless charger, Inductor coil, toy coil, RFID antenna coil, IR-Coil for camera, Coin collector coil,IC/ID card coil.Card ReaderCoil,VCM coil, etc. Q: Do you...
Main Item Inductor , Air coil, Bobbin coil, Wireless charger coil, Antenna coi, Trigger coil, Transformer
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tunable coils, variable inductor coil, mold coil, Air core, adjustable coils inductor, RF inductor c

Feature Free sample offerRF coil molded coils choke coil Brass core Ferrite core aluminium core for radio / wireless equipment OTHER CHARACTERISTICS: Adjustable inductance value. Firm structure, can make adjustable fron either top or bottom end....
Main Item SMD Power Inductors, High Current Power Inductor, Molded Coils, Molding inductor
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YOTO Electronics ltd. was established in 1991. Headquarters in Hong Kong with manufacturing factory located in China (Mainland), we have over 800 well-trained workers, and YOTO ltd was a professional in manufacturing all kinds of Inductors...
Hong Kong
Main Item Toroidal inductor, variable inductor, fixed inductor, choke coils, RF&OSC, AC/DC power adapter, power transformer, switching transformer, high/low frequency inductor, EMI/EMC coils, power filter
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WISDON Toroidal Coil Winding Machine TT-H04B

Slider type toroidal winding machine. It's an accurately and reliability digital toroid-winding machine. is used for toroidal inductor, toroidal transformer, toroidal current transformer, toroidal current sensor, toroidal coil, toroid chock coil,...
Main Item winding machine
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Decade Boxes (R,L,C)

Omega Decade boxes (R/ C/ L) are precision and quality instruments useful as standards for applications like Education, Research, Development, Experiments, Test and Measurement. The laboratory standards are accepted and acknowledged worldwide and...
Main Item Educational Trainers, Demonstration Models, Teaching Instruments, TEchnical Education and Training Equipments, Decade Boxes, Power Supply, Microwave Trainer, Fibre OPtic Trainer, Analog and Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, Physics
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