Wanted: ORC power generation

Feb 1, 2023
United Arab Emirates
Dear sir, I hope you are well. I would like to inform you that we desire to use your technology ORC Power System, where we have thermal oil in a closed system. The thermal oil leaving the heater temperature around (235 ˚C) and the return back to...
United Arab Emirates

Wanted: cooking oils and used cooking oils

Dec 4, 2022
we require cooking oil and used cooking oil exporters to India. send whatsapp +919551295507


Oct 23, 2022
Looking for: Used Cooking Oil FFA Max: 6% MIU Max: 2% IV Min: 80 Sulfur Max: 50 Phospohorous Max: 40 Quantity: 5,000mt x 12months FOB or CIF U.K. depending on packaging method Please send quotation with procedure to **stanny_ho(AT)sina(DOT)com**...

Wanted: Used cooking oil

Jun 30, 2022
We are a large importer of used cooking oils for technical use into Germany. Pre-condition for buying a product is a Redcert of ISCC certification which includes the collector and the seller to us as well. Faked certifciations do not work as the...

Wanted: Buy Rapeseed Oil/Sunflower Oil

Apr 1, 2022
I am a company from China, Henan Wuwanwu Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd. Our company has the ability and willingness to purchase rapeseed oil and sunflower oil for human use in accordance with the following specifications and terms. Product...

Wanted: Looking for USED continuous Heat Treatment furnace

Jan 3, 2022
We are looking for USED continuous Heat Treatment furnace includes loading, front wash, quenching, oil tank, tempering, rear wash. Application - auto parts / fastener. Capacity 1000kg / hour If you can offer then please offer with detailed...

Wanted: Used Cooking Oil

Dec 13, 2021
Dear Sir, We buy for our customer UCO in flexitanks or other packing, 2000mt to 15000mt monthly on annual contract for biodiesel production, bottom price CIF Mediterranean sea ports, EU ports (ASWP), payment through LC only against full set...

Wanted: Crude Sunflower OIL

May 24, 2021
Dear Sir, Please submit your quotation for Crude Sunflower Oil and Used Cooking Oil. Quanity - 30000 /MT each. CIF Thank you.

Wanted: UCO

Mar 22, 2021
Dears Ladies and Gentleman, we are need your FCO with commission on sellers side for used cooking oil 2000 MT FOB (Which Port?) 2. 2000 MT every month CIF Korea 3. 2500 MT every month CIF Jordan 4. 25,000 MT – 30,000 MT every month CIF Chittagong

Wanted: Buy Used Cooking Oils(UCO)

Feb 20, 2021
We buy regularly any kind animal oil/used oils etc, also used cooking oils (animal oils or plant oils or both mixed) and used vegetable oil (UVO) . If you can supply please send us all details including packing, supply capacity, analysis...

Wanted: Required used cooking oil

Feb 13, 2021
Hi, We have requirements as follows: Commodity: Used cooking oil Quantity: 500 mt trial, and 3000mts x12 Payment: non transferable dlc payable at destination port after SGS Destination:Hambourg, Germany Packing: ISO Tank Shipment date: as per...

Wanted: Required used AC & Fridge compressors

Jun 1, 2020
We require following product up to 500MT/month, targeted price $200-250/MT. We're looking for used AC & fridge compressors with the following specifications: Ac and Fridge Compressor Scrap (Sealed Units) Material : Oil drained, with full copper...

Wanted: Palm oil STB grade(sterarin blend);Fatty alcohol bottom.

Sep 20, 2019
Currently we are looking for two products: 1)Palm oil STB grade(sterarin blend, melting point more than 44); 2)Fatty alcohol bottom.(melting point more than 50, used for making candle) If you have any product of them, don't hesitate to contact me,...

Wanted: Used Cooking Oil

Jul 9, 2019
We are working direct with a Buyer and currently looking for 2000 MT per month of Used Cooking Oil (UCO) CIF Rostock or Hamburg (Germany), prefer payment by 100% LC or Escrow. We are interested in long-term cooperation based on an annual contract...

Wanted: Looking for palm acid oil or used cooking oil supplier

May 31, 2019
We are looking for Palm Acid Oil with good price The requested specifications are as follows: 1.Moisture+Impurity<3% 2.Saponification Value:195-210 mg KOH/g 3.Lodine Value:41-55g I2/g 4.Total Fatty Matter>96% 5.Sulfur content<80ppm Waiting for your...

Wanted: used cooking oil

May 3, 2018
We are biodisel company in China and want to buy used cooking oil or other vegetable acid oil as raw material of biodisel,such as soybean acid oil,etc pls send us CIF xiamen of China with detailed specificaton if you can supply.

Wanted: used cooking oil offer required

Dec 18, 2017
Used cooking OIl trial spot 22 mt in multitank annual contract 2,000mt weekly min. ofer 12-60 months target price USD 380 CIF Antwerp, Belgium Important Paymtnt 100% via MT103 after checking SGS at your storage location Packing mutibox-tank PRODUCT...

Wanted: wanted :Used Cooking waste oil

May 9, 2017
Wanted : UCO Usage : Bio - Diesel manufacturing Supply :5000X 12 months

Wanted: Used Cooking oil supplier

Feb 28, 2017
Hi, I'm a commercial trade office and I have BUYERS in Europe and USA? who need to buy UCO for long term relations. All my buyers will pay 100% LC at sight, for the first trial order 1 or 2 containers, prices $350 to $450 MT CIF If this term...

Wanted: Metallic RING JOINT GASKET

Jan 13, 2017
Ring type joints excel in high-pressure, high-temperature applications such as oil field drilling equipment. RTJs are also used on valves and pipework assemblies. Available in both oval and octagonal configurations (interchangeable on the modern...