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CNC underwater cutting machine

Equipped with two HT-2000 plasma power supply, can do the underwater cutting, decrease plate deformation, also can extract the dust. Cross track width mm 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500 9000 9500Longitudinal track width mm as per required Cutting width mm...
Main Item CNC metal cutting machine, CNC flame/plasma cutting machine, cutting machine, metal working machine, flame cutting machine, plasma cutting machine
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cnc under waterplasma cutting machines

Technical parameters Cutting beam length: 1500mm Effective cutting width: 1200mm Machine tool length: 2600mm Effective cutting length:2600mm Maximum free-wheeling velocity: 12000mm/min Maximum free-wheeling velocity: 1500mm/min Range of cutting...
Main Item cnc plasma/flame cutting machines, cnc precision cutting machines, , cnc table cutting machines, slat cutting machines
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Main Item waterjet cutting machine
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